So… I guess you all have heard/read/seen the news. It’s been pretty hard to miss it - the death of Sherlock Holmes. I’m gutted but I’m doing my best to keep it together. I don’t know about you guys, but I refuse to believe it. That he was a fraud. He just can’t have been, can’t have! I saw him at a crime scene once, I had followed the sound of sirens in hope it’d be one of his cases, and there is NO WAY he was a fake. You can’t make that sort of shit up, he was too good! He was an inspiration for all of us to be more observant in our every day lives, and I won’t accept the so called truth about Sherlock that is all over the media. I know you feel like I do, and now it’s our turn to show that we haven’t lost faith in him. Sherlock might be gone, but I won’t sit silent!


Imagine being a Sherlock fan in the show universe. You’ve been following John’s blog, stalking Sherlock a bit at crime scenes, try to be within earshot so you can hear him do his deductions. You’ve got cutouts from the papers. Then the news reach you. What do you do? Some would believe the papers, but not everyone would buy it. And they would do what they could to clear his name.

This is my take on what I would like to propose as a tribute campaign, to show our love and support. Yes, in real life. We put ourselves in the mindset of the in-show fans, and we take a Bad Wolf/Who Killed Amanda Palmer twist on it. Guerilla art/campaigning. (Not sure if everyone is familiar with WKAP. Palmer is an american artist who in order to promote her album told her fans to spread rumours about her death through street art. I can’t seem find any of it documented online though I’m afraid) 

Let’s scribble on cubicle doors, back of bus seats, lamp posts. I won’t tell anyone to do anything illegal, but graffiti like in the pictures would be amazing. Paint on t-shirts, make buttons, go to the beach and write in the sand. Take photos of what you’ve done, put on twitter or tumblr and tag it!

suggestions of things to write:

  • I believe in Sherlock Holmes
  • Moriarty was real
  • Richard Brook = FRAUD
  • No doubt, Sherlock! (instead of no shit)

And feel free to come up with your own stuff!

Using digital media and spray paint is relevant to this chapter of the fandom. Why repeat what the original fandom did, when we can do something that is unique to us?

(I suggest you just grab an old t-shirt and slap some paint on it, but in case you’re not able to do that, I took the text from the two examples here and put them on a couple of shirts)


do it omg yes do it

Guys, my button maker can go to use now! Doing this!

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